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Paragliding Workshop (3 Days)
Paragliding is a recreational and competitive flying sport. A paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched aircraft. The pilot sits in a harness suspended below a fabric wing, whose shape is formed by its suspension lines and the pressure of air entering vents in the front of the wing.

The paragliding courses at kamshet (100kms from Mumbai & 50 kms from Pune) are based on the British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) format, further customized to suit Indian geographical situation and weather pattern. The courses are aimed at developing students into confident paragliding pilots.

Course duration: 3 days

Prerequisite: Age 16+, basic physical fitness and positive attitude

Course overview: 
This is the first step towards free flying. Paragliding is a practicing sport hence major part of this course is dedicated to ground training. The highlight of the course is your first solo flight under direct radio supervision of your instructor.

This course is designed keeping in mind those who are interested in flying solo, but do not have enough time. You can learn the basic of paragliding, canopy control, low level flights and several solo flights from the training hill.

Course covers

Ground training
- Introduction to canopy and equipment
- Forward / Alpine launch method
- Ground handling

Flight training
- Bunny hops (Low level flights)
- Turns
- Directional control & airspeed
- Landing procedure

- Basic theory flight
- Video sessions


  • Parking
  • Doctor on call

3 days Paragliding Workshop
Cost / Person    RS 12000
Includes - Instruction, equipment usage, course material, site transport, complimentary food and accommodation, basic of paragliding, canopy control, low level flights and several solo flights from the training hill.
Cost / Person
Rs 12000
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  • Minimum age requirement for the course is minimum 16+ years.
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